Zebra Cotton Tote Shopper Bag

Zebra Cotton Tote Shopper Bag

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Safari feeling in pink

Made from untreated cotton, the shopper bag not only has a refined texture and feel, but is also particularly robust and durable. Perfect for extensive shopping trips. The highlight, however, is the unusual motif, which shows a zebra in vibrant pink. The additional floral print in the background gives the bag even more depth and a feminine touch. Yellow sequins in the shape of a flower round off the shopper and give it a sparkling look. With long carrying straps, the shopping bag is not only a stylish eye-catcher, but also comfortable to carry. Whether for everyday use, a relaxed day in the park or as a stylish companion when travelling - with this shopper bag you always have a fashion statement with you.

product features:

  • Shopper with cool zebra and blossom print
  • Made from untreated cotton
  • With shimmering sequins
  • Space miracle with plenty of room for shopping items
  • Long handles for comfortable carrying
  • Handmade: especially high quality workmanship

  • Dimensions: H: 38 cm W: 35 cm
  • Material: Untreated cotton & sequin